Printed or Woven Silk?

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When we’re talking about silk there is more to it than you’d think. Some pocket squares have a completely different texture and thickness than others, yet all of them could be from the same textile know as silk. How does it work then?

Červeno Čierna Náprsná Vreckovka do Saka
Printed silk RDB Royal pocket square 

Different methods of manufacturing have their own perks and obviously cons as well. No method is truly superior, though some B-grade stores would definetly try to convince you about their superior products. It all comes down to preferences.

Let’s start with the printed silk then. I, personally, absolutely love the texture of printed silk. It’s the softest material to touch, the most pleasant material you can buy from us. It’s so soft that it becomes transparent in direct light. Extremely smooth, slick and shiny. Natural silk is that kind of fabric that makes people shout “wow” upon touching it.  So what’s the catch then? Seems perfect. Well, everything has its prons and cons. The surface is so soft, it’s virtually impossible create any civilized fold, due to the lack of friction. It means that the fabric is too slick to hold any shape. The only way we can use natural silk is in a puff or inverted puff fold. (You can check those out in our videos section)

Their delicate soft texture must be treated with care, because they are naturally more fragile and prone to damage.

Tlačenie vzoru na hodváb - delikátny proces.
Pattern printing on a natural silk

Now, let’s get to the woven silk. When it comes to woven material, the most noticeable difference is the thickness of it. The fabric is not as soft, it’s more durable so it can take more punishment an people tend to say that patterns look more vibrant and lively, however that is a matter of opinion.

Nebesky Modrá Paisley Pánska Vreckovka do Saka
Example of woven silk pocket square RDB Royal.

You can feel the pattern with your hand since they were woven thread by thread with a use of heavy machinery. Pocket square or tie using woven silk can hold its shape significantly better. This means you can use even the most difficult folds with your pocket square and neckties tend to have more noticeable and robust knots. The silk qualities still remain there and the shine won’t disappear, however many dislike the thickness this this method causes.

Example of a woven material production

It’s all about what you need from that particular piece of clothing or accessory and what you’d like to use it for. I personally say, that if you’re looking for a gift, printed silk is the best possible choice due to it’s “wow” factor. If you like massive tie knots, or enjoy creating interesting folds with your pocket squares – get yourself some woven silk accessories and you shan’t be disappointed.