RDB Royal

“Whenever an individual or a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops.”
– Thomas J. Watson

final-logoWho are we? We are newly founded fashion brand, based in Slovakia, founded in the UK, but with roots all around the globe. We focus on the most demanding customers.

We actively seek out the most luxurious and exclusive materials, patterns and we offer a range of products that is constantly evolving and growing not only in quantity, but also quality.

Our motto is to grow and advance. Seek the new, create unique patterns and colours and bring you a truly remarkable fashion experience.

With us you can be sure to have a quality product, because every RDB Royal branded product is made by people that care about every single small detail. Every piece of clothing is submitted to the most rigorous testing several times before reaching the customer.

We are not just a store. We are here for you. We’d love to help you to choose the perfect outfit for a meeting, wedding, ball or any event really. Whether you’d like to wear something extravagant, colorful, wild, conservative or dominant – contact us and we help you in an instant.

Don’t forget to check our blog, we are creating new articles and add interesting content on a regular basis for anyone excited about male fashion. Tutorials, tips and tricks – we go through which colors to combine, which patterns to wear and we hope that we can inspire you throughout the year.

RDB Royal is a brand that has been created for you. It’s your sign of quality that can make you proud wherever you are. London, Bratislava or Bangkok.